Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1200 mi
Update time = Fri, 15-Dec-2017 10:34pm EST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
16 mi WSW of Perry, Oklahoma 2.8 001013630 mi 1513382741Fri, 15-Dec-2017 7:05pm EST map
12 mi ENE of Hennessey, Oklahoma 2.7 001026637 mi 1513361334Fri, 15-Dec-2017 1:08pm EST map
17 mi NNW of Fairview, Oklahoma 2.8 001092678 mi 1513338082Fri, 15-Dec-2017 6:41am EST map
23 mi SSE of Pecos, Texas 2.9 0017551090 mi 1513331620Fri, 15-Dec-2017 4:53am EST map
13 mi ENE of Anthony, Kansas 2.9 000996619 mi 1513330785Fri, 15-Dec-2017 4:39am EST map
7 mi NW of Chandler, Oklahoma 2.6 000985612 mi 1513325938Fri, 15-Dec-2017 3:18am EST map
5 mi SW of Trinity, Alabama 2.1 000528328 mi 1513277840Thu, 14-Dec-2017 1:57pm EST map
12 mi ENE of Anthony, Kansas 2.9 000997620 mi 1513269339Thu, 14-Dec-2017 11:35am EST map
12 mi ENE of Anthony, Kansas 2.9 000997619 mi 1513268962Thu, 14-Dec-2017 11:29am EST map
2 mi NNE of Union City, Oklahoma 2.8 001080671 mi 1513122935Tue, 12-Dec-2017 6:55pm EST map
2 mi NNW of Rangely, Colorado 3.1 0018901174 mi 1513122293Tue, 12-Dec-2017 6:44pm EST map
12 mi WNW of Socorro, New Mexico 3.1 0019021182 mi 1513063507Tue, 12-Dec-2017 2:25am EST map
8 mi NE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2.6 001129702 mi 1513037488Mon, 11-Dec-2017 7:11pm EST map
6 mi NW of Langston, Oklahoma 2.5 001004624 mi 1512966547Sun, 10-Dec-2017 11:29pm EST map
3 mi NE of Greeley, Colorado 2.1 001536955 mi 1512940261Sun, 10-Dec-2017 4:11pm EST map
6 mi SW of Cherokee, Oklahoma 3.3 001066662 mi 1512907365Sun, 10-Dec-2017 7:02am EST map
11 mi WSW of Helena, Oklahoma 3.1 001077669 mi 1512906647Sun, 10-Dec-2017 6:50am EST map
16 mi SW of Mountain Village, Colorado 3.0 0018631158 mi 1512877322Sat, 09-Dec-2017 10:42pm EST map
16 mi SW of Mountain Village, Colorado 2.5 0018631157 mi 1512876428Sat, 09-Dec-2017 10:27pm EST map
23 mi SW of Mountain Village, Colorado 2.9 0018681161 mi 1512875368Sat, 09-Dec-2017 10:09pm EST map
14 mi SW of Mountain Village, Colorado 2.8 0018611157 mi 1512872791Sat, 09-Dec-2017 9:26pm EST map
5 mi S of Hennessey, Oklahoma 2.8 001050653 mi 1512858353Sat, 09-Dec-2017 5:25pm EST map

22 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.