Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1200 mi
Update time = Fri, 23-Feb-2018 11:38am EST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
8 mi S of Doniphan, Missouri 2.7 000479297 mi 1519367769Fri, 23-Feb-2018 1:36am EST map
14 mi NNE of Snyder, Texas 2.9 001454904 mi 1519294657Thu, 22-Feb-2018 5:17am EST map
7 mi SW of Perry, Oklahoma 2.8 000998620 mi 1519293290Thu, 22-Feb-2018 4:54am EST map
12 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 2.7 001007626 mi 1519251870Wed, 21-Feb-2018 5:24pm EST map
12 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 2.4 001007626 mi 1519251837Wed, 21-Feb-2018 5:23pm EST map
6 mi N of Mooreland, Oklahoma 2.5 001139708 mi 1519213758Wed, 21-Feb-2018 6:49am EST map
2 mi NW of Luttrell, Tennessee 2.1 000428266 mi 1519208198Wed, 21-Feb-2018 5:16am EST map
4 mi ENE of Hennessey, Oklahoma 3.2 001039646 mi 1519172317Tue, 20-Feb-2018 7:18pm EST map
1 mi NW of Minco, Oklahoma 2.9 001088676 mi 1518983290Sun, 18-Feb-2018 2:48pm EST map
5 mi SW of Charleston, Missouri 2.0 000360224 mi 1518970370Sun, 18-Feb-2018 11:12am EST map
9 mi WSW of Watonga, Oklahoma 3.0 001115693 mi 1518929089Sat, 17-Feb-2018 11:44pm EST map
2 mi ENE of Monarch Mill, South Carolina 2.3 000683425 mi 1518869483Sat, 17-Feb-2018 7:11am EST map
6 mi SW of Thomas, Oklahoma 2.8 001142710 mi 1518860492Sat, 17-Feb-2018 4:41am EST map
10 mi SSE of Hennessey, Oklahoma 2.3 001044649 mi 1518846323Sat, 17-Feb-2018 12:45am EST map
6 mi W of Malvern, Arkansas 2.0 000778483 mi 1518834767Fri, 16-Feb-2018 9:32pm EST map
7 mi WNW of Luther, Oklahoma 2.6 001018633 mi 1518822515Fri, 16-Feb-2018 6:08pm EST map
5 mi ENE of Mountain Home, Arkansas 2.0 000590366 mi 1518814546Fri, 16-Feb-2018 3:55pm EST map

17 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.